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About Us

In 2002, when Bluehome Tools was started as a small family-owned business, we made a commitment to provide international buyers with great quality tools at low prices. And for the past years, Bluehome Tools has done just that. From hand tools to air and power tools, from shop machinery to automotive tools, Bluehome Tools offers more than 400 tools and accessories at quality levels but low prices.


Bluehome Tools has served for over 200 customers (distributors & retailers) allover the world during the past years, from simply selling tools to providing solutions. Though we ever met hard times and difficulties however we do appreciate those valuable experience because they help us grow and we also appreciate our great customers that have come so far with us together.


Our goal has always been to make sure that our customers get what they came for, no matter quality tools or professional solutions. We sincerely welcome all international tools distributors and retailers, let’s grow together and provide more working people with great tools and solutions.